- Cleaning / Washing / Painting

We offer:

  • Abrasive cleaning/ painting of any metal structures. Treatment and coating with anti-corrosion agents.
  • Cleaning / washing of any kind of containers, industrial storage, tanks, containers from residues, sediments and wastes of liquid petroleum products and chemical, that was stored in them, as well as from not pumped or solid wastes.
  • Cleaning/ washing of tank containers, tank trucks and railway cisterns.

  • Cleaning / washing of building facades, roofs, windows, sidewalks.

  • Purification of extremely oil-contaminated soils in case of accidental spills, cleaning of sea beaches and coastal areas from oil and biological pollution, liquidation of dumps.

Any equipment, in whatever area it is not used, requires proper operation. With regard to industrial and food containers – besides to timely technical inspection and compliance with safety in use requires their quality washing. Washing of containers inside is necessary regardless of the type of materials stored or transported in it.
FUEL REMOVING NATION OÜ has extensive experience in the cleaning and repair of containers of any type.