- Service

The setting of “HSS” for surface preparation and coating. Destined for high-speed and high-quality thermal abrasive cleaning of metal and other surfaces from corrosion, scale, carbon deposits, hardened and not hardened petroleum products, old multi-layer coatings and other pollutions and for subsequent application to the prepared surface of metal or composite protective coatings. A singularity of the installation is that the surface preparation and coating is carried out by one machine. This allows the coating to be applied to the prepared surface without delay, during which there is pollution and oxidation, and to achieve high quality and quantity indications of the coated surfaces.


- Surface metallization

We offer services in metallization of surfaces of any types by the following metals: zinc, copper, tin. Anti-corrosion protection: We offer anti-corrosion protection of any surfaces. Suitable for all manufacturers of colorful materials.

- Deep cleaning of surfaces

We offer cleaning services for almost any surface, including glass. On a constant basis we work with such surfaces as metal, wood and concrete.